Kopsidas Byzantine Iconography Workshop

Here you will be able to retrieve thorough information about our workshop and its unique artistic style.

Furthermore, for those interested in authentic Byzantine Iconography, we will introduce other issues in reference to Orthodox Tradition, Byzantine Iconographic evolvement of this specific Art and its expression throughout the centuries up to present times. Our effort will be to update this site regularly, keep it interesting, informative and edifying. To succeed in this endeavor, we invite and we welcome any constructive input by our visitors and those who wish to contribute towards this goal.

In this website you can find the following information:

  • How we work (techniques and artistic style).
  • Materials we use (Colors, Gold, canvas and other materials that define the final outcome of our work).
  • Articles on Iconography, Byzantine art and Culture, Philosophy and Theology on the Christian Orthodox Tradition.
  • Photos of our icons, references and actual completed works in many churches and private collections.
  • Links to interesting and useful destinations concerning the Byzantine Orthodox Church.
  • Instructions and step by step procedures in writing/icon graphing and creating such religious items.

Welcome to our new Web Site. (soon to be constructed in Greek as well).

George and Ioannis Kopsidas